Sonoptic Speeds Up Music Technique Mastery, and Now Supports Tablature

SEATTLE, WA — June 3, 2014

Latest release of Sonoptic is now better than ever, helping musicians and teachers get more out of their practice sessions – and the app now supports tablature for guitar and bass players, and more

It’s a fact known to all musicians: the only way to master an instrument and build technique is to practice. But until now, most technical practice sessions centered on the age-old metronome (and a metronome just ticks). Enter the Sonoptic app (, which revolutionizes all that as the perfect tool for musicians seeking faster mastery and technique progression. Thanks to Sonoptic, musicians can now get immediate visual feedback on practice technique, along with that helpful critical ear when they need it most. Created for use on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, Sonoptic’s latest update is available now in the App Store – and now includes tablature support for guitarists and bass players, improved support for headphone users, and more.

Sonoptic helps musicians and music students improve their overall musicianship with immediate visual feedback during technical practice. The app includes a built-in catalog of nearly 400 instantly accessible exercises, scales, drills and etudes for players of all levels, and provides unprecedented real-time visual feedback to musicians as they practice those pieces, on everything from melody and rhythm to dynamics and more. The app can also be adjusted to any player's skill level, as well.

Valuable for musicians practicing independently, as well as for teachers seeking a unique addition to their toolsets (particularly in one-on-one work with beginning and intermediate students), Sonoptic increases focus and engagement while accelerating technical progress.

Sonoptic visually alerts musicians to errors so that they can note them and address them right away – errors that might otherwise go unaddressed until the next class or practice. But because its immediate visual insights are so complete, it goes beyond the simple “right note / right time” reporting. Sonoptic’s rich, immediate feedback helps musicians strengthen technique, rethink choices, and avoid bad habits before they become ingrained.

Perfect as a supplemental tool for teachers seeking to instill better practice techniques in their music students, Sonoptic is also just as valuable for independent musicians pursuing practice and advancement on their own, providing them with the critical listening feedback and analysis that can be so valuable for continued improvement.

Sonoptic isn’t just valuable for instant feedback during a practice session – it’s also easy to play back the latest audio practice recording for reference as needed, and with Sonoptic’s detailed visual analytics, musicians can scrutinize the latest session to note progress and technique, to help reinforce memory, and more. For more advanced users, Sonoptic’s feedback can help reveal subtle phrasing or intonation choices. It can also be invaluable for musicians experimenting with changes in posture, fingering, tension, embouchure, hand/arm position, and more.

Useful New Features

Sonoptic launched in July 2014 as a unique new tool for musicians of all levels seeking to improve practice sessions and overall musicianship. Now, the latest release (Version 1.4) of the software includes several significant new features and enhancements, including:

Broad New Support for Guitarists and Bass Players

Many guitarists and bassists are more comfortable reading tablature (“tabs”) than traditional notation, so for this reason, Sonoptic 1.4 now includes support for dual presentation of both tab and standard musical notation. This not only extends the power of the application to a broader audience, but it also provides an excellent instructional tool for teachers and students seeking to improve their traditional notation reading skills. Sonoptic 1.4 also includes improved support for instrumentalists who use headphones with their mobile devices, providing a clear, unified line-out mix during both recording and playback.

Pricing and Availability

The Sonoptic Visual Microphone for Musicians is available now for US$6.99 from the App Store. More information is available here.


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